We believe that with God all things are possible.

Chrysalis offers an environment where women find they

no longer conform to the ways of the world, but are

transformed by the renewing of their minds.

A Place to Live

The mission of Chrysalis is to establish safe and nurturing homes that would allow women who have suffered trauma and/or battle addiction a time of healing and growth. This would help ensure successful re-entry into society and bring generational change to a cycle of poverty, addiction, abuse and neglect. Chrysalis is entirely about Christ-centered relationships and healthy community.

Beautiful Private House in the Suburb
Pottery Studio

A Place to Work

The development of various social enterprise ventures would provide gainful employment for the women of the house, as well as others. Products could be sold locally and even internationally through web-based marketing sites. In addition to skill-building and enhancing future employability, development of social enterprises could augment Chrysalis funding - perhaps even to the point of independent sustainability.

A Place to Heal

Just as a caterpillar is sheltered in a chrysalis as it is transformed into a butterfly, we long to see lives transformed through the love of Christ, purposeful work, equine-based therapy, trauma-informed counseling, and customized educational/career counseling. The impact is far greater than just for the residents of the house. We hope to employ more women through the Chrysalis ventures. Our equine ministry would also extend to women, and even children, who don't live on-site.

Image by Esther Driehaus

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