Farm Field


Director of Chrysalis Ventures

    Hello! I am so glad you are exploring Chrysalis online and I hope you will press in and become part of our community.


    I spent my childhood exploring outdoors and making “healing elixirs” from mashed berries and leaves. These days you will find me doing much the same – working as an Internal Medicine physician or on outdoor adventures with my husband Jasen and son Caleb.


    I was drawn to Chrysalis gradually. For years, while walking with God, I desired to be part of a vibrant relationship-based community of learning and healing, but the details and timeline were unclear. One thing I knew was that the community would be called “Chrysalis” in reference to the safe, extravagant (have you ever marveled at the gold embellishments of a monarch chrysalis?!), sanctuary that envelops a caterpillar during its transformation. When Kaia shared God’s revelation that she was to gather women under the title of “Chrysalis” I was astounded – what confirmation!


    As social enterprise director my goal is to draw out each woman’s creativity, reasoning, and leadership to discern her vocation while we build Chrysalis ventures together. Chrysalis is a place for women to build skills and leverage their strengths to help one another and to lay a foundation for financial independence.

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