Our Homes

Truth be told, there are no homes…yet. There is a vision. There are plans. There are people just waiting to work and volunteer at Chrysalis. There are women who so desperately need this vision to become a reality – now more than ever. And there is a deep sense of expectancy. Because with a vision comes His provision, and so we walk in the faith that He is orchestrating everything – the place, the time, the funding, the people.


Yet, we have been vigilant in our community, watching and wondering where God might place this ministry. We have looked at inner-city Sioux Falls, more suburban neighborhoods, and at acreages on the periphery of the city. There are several that seem uniquely suited for the needs of this unique ministry. Lord, thy will be done!

Beautiful Private House in the Suburb

Potential Homes

Illustrated Map

McHardy Artisan & Equestrian Homestead 

Illustrated Map

Sun Willow

Horse Ranch

Illustrated Map

The Grand


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