Social Enterprise

"May the favor of our Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us - yes, establish the work of our hands."

Psalm 90:17

    Finding gainful employment in a positive work environment can be challenging for those who may have faced struggles or hardships in the past. Chrysalis is developing social enterprise that would help women develop new skills and even advance within the enterprise to pursue various administrative, marketing, and management positions. Residents, and other women from our communities – identified through collaboration with other local ministries – would be given the opportunity to grow professionally, build their resume, and demonstrate their reliability and capability to local businesses for workforce re-entry.  Additionally, women would earn money and develop financial management skills to help support their family upon reunification.

Image by Juliet Furst
Pottery Studio

    In addition to skill-building and enhancing post-residential employability for these women, development of social enterprise could augment Chrysalis funding. Products could be sold through local stores, and the worldwide web makes market opportunities virtually limitless. The recruitment of a volunteer work force to work alongside these women would not only improve productivity and profitability, it would provide additional fellowship, healthy community, demonstration of good work ethic and create bridges and friendships between women who may not otherwise know or understand each other.  Ultimately, the financial benefit to Chrysalis could be substantial.  It is notable that a similar ministry, Thistle Farms, is nearly 80% supported by its social enterprise endeavors.

    The concept of ‘reclaimed & repurposed’ is popular in our culture today, revitalizing a time-honored tradition of giving old or unwanted things new life. This mirrors our mission to bring these women – whom society may consider ‘unwanted’ – new life! These women are reclaimed and repurposed during their time in the Chrysalis homes. The old is gone, the new has come! This theme will be a driving force for our first social enterprise, allowing a national – even international – target audience to participate in the transformation of these women, their families, and our communities as they purchase the product lines developed by our residents and a supportive volunteer team.

Leather Workshop

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