The Grand Lady


About the Property

This home, located in the historic district of Sioux Falls, offers a lot of potential for both the residential and social enterprise aspects of Chrysalis. This majestic, two-story, four-bedroom home with potential for expansion in both the basement and the attic, has a grandeur and a stateliness seldom seen in today’s homes. While some may feel this is ‘excessive’ for this ministry use, it may be that just being invited to live in such a home may cause some to aspire to the ‘Grand Lady’ in them! To believe that they may actually be worthy to live in a fine home. That they are, in fact, children of God, daughters of the King!


The attic space could easily be converted to some aspects of the social enterprise (e.g., crafting, painting, sewing). Additionally, there is a loft above the double garage – both of which could be used for other ventures such as woodworking, refinishing furniture, etc.  


This property would have the double-edged sword of being located so centrally downtown. While close to some of the programs and resources our residents may need to utilize, it also may be very close to familiar haunts and habits. We trust God with whatever home and location He may choose for the start of Chrysalis. May he just make it abundantly clear to us. Moses got a burning bush, a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. May He reveal His will so clearly to us!

Aerial View of a Houses

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